Anyone who trains with us should abide by the following simple rules:

  1. Respect each other’s person and skill level.
  2. Ensure good personal hygiene,
    • to keep rented gi suits relatively clean and long-lasting
    • because it is socially desirable
    • by making sure your nails are short and clean
    • by covering small injuries
  3. Remove all jewelry before training.
  4. Boxers must wear clean shoes. because people have to lie down on the floor (mostly for exercises)
  5. Boxers should wear a mouthguard if they plan to stick to boxing. It is understandable that newbies have no mouthguard.
  6. If there are any (blood)stains on materials, clean them. Materials should be clean at the end of every training session!
  7. You are allowed to use the gi suits provided by De Bongerd for the first few trainings you attend. Use a suit that is at least your size or slightly bigger. After use, put it in the laundry basket and put the belt in the small belt basket on the shelf. Make sure all borrowed gi suits are returned and none remain in the gym or dressing room.
  8. Mats are cleaned by volunteers of De Grondleggers. Help us and: -Use slippers or socks, or at least make sure your feet are clean before you step onto the mat