Q: I am not a student. Can I join De Grondleggers?
A: We are sorry to inform you that we can only allow BSc and MSc students to our association.

Q: What are the costs of a membership?
A: The costs include the price of sports rights, which can be purchased at de Bongerd (online or desk) for €104/year, plus our own modest fee. For €30 per year you can join any training with De Grondleggers. This fee applies to one academic year (from September till August of the next year). If you decide to join us the second half on the year (at the start of period 4), it will only cost you €15,- for a membership until August.

Q: I want to practice martial arts but have no prior experience. Which art do you recommend?
A: That depends entirely on you. Your goal(s) may be self-defense, competition, getting in better shape or simply having fun. You are welcome (and recommended) to try all different trainings we have to offer.

Q: I am injured, can I train?
A: That is for you to decide. If you are unsure, ask a doctor or physiotherapist. You may want to tell the trainer and your training partners to take it easy with you, which shouldn’t be a problem.

Q: Can I / do I need to participate in competition?
A: You can, but are not required to. Competition is at your own initiative. Ask a trainer or other members and they will likely be glad to help you prepare.

Q: I don’t own any gear of my own, can i borrow it?
A: Yes, we do have gi’s, gloves and shin guards which you can lend for the training. We do however recommend to buy your own gear when you become a member for hygienic reasons and capacity. Gi’s are available for rent, bring 30 euros to training as a deposit.