Jelle (right)

‘MMA is what I do, not what I am’. According to Jelle Buisman, a renowned mixed martial artist. This multidisciplinary fight sport combines techniques from different martial arts, like wrestling, judo, karate, kung Fu, kick boxing, Thai boxing, boxing and jiujutsu. MMA originates from Russia. There are no rules, the fighters wear a helmet and gloves and the match continues until one of the fighters lays on the ground.

From the age of 18, Jelle has practiced professional judo. Since a few years he practices MMA passionately. ‘It’s a complete sport, because all fighting techniques are integrated’. In November 2016 Jelle won the Dutch MMA championship. He will also join the European championships in Minsk and the world championships in Sotsji.

Jelle trains in Amsterdam and teaches students of Wageningen university and research on Tuesday and Friday evenings. His dream: ‘My dream is to found a student sports association where different sports can be practiced by the students’.

My name is Frank van Geesink, IT consultant and fanatic sporter.

During my life, table tennis has been very important, but at a certain point I started with scuba diving. In the mean time I have seen some very nice places under water around the world.

After an injury, I had to revalidate and then I realized that it’s very important to exercise your body.


A documentary with Will Smith about the film ‘Ali’ convinced me to start boxing. Boxing is a sport where you body needs to be in excellent shape and where power, speed and agility are well trained. After two years of boxing at the University, I joined the ABCC in Apeldoorn and I started the box trainer course with the Dutch boxing association.


In 2005 I started training a competition group of boxers at ‘The Grondleggers’. We had some matches with the boxers of the ABCC and we also successfully participated in the Dutch Student Championship Boxing.It is a pleasure to see that girls and boys extend their limits during the box training and also enjoy themselves with the other activities organized by ‘The Grondleggers’. If you would like to join us for a training, feel free to drop by.