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Boxing training during the Summer Holidays

During the Summer Holidays Frank will give boxing lessons on Monday and Thursday from 19:30 to 21:30. The rest of our trainers will have a well earned holiday, so no other Martial arts training will be given during the SUmmer Holidays. From September onward you can enjoy our regular training schedule again!

De Grondleggers @ GNSK 2016

After some serious buttkicking in Enschede, it became clear to me: these guys are going to bring home some precious metal discs from Groningen. Team De Grondleggers consists of boxers Axel, Dylan and Rob. They are to defend the pride of Wageningen this Sunday. It will be sensational, I promise you that. If Wageningen University fails at the GNSK, it will definitely not be due to De Grondleggers. You should be there. Period. Even if you hate boxing. At least find the heart to support our boys.