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Coming soon: MMA lessons on Friday evenings!

For those less informed: I am talking about Mixed Martial Arts. This is a relatively new fighting method, which was developed as a consequence of ever popular tournaments for fighters of any school. MMA focuses on fairly basic techniques from many different martial arts, combining them into a fighting system that prepares its practitioner for a wide variety of skilled opponents. Common techniques are punches and kicks, takedowns, throws, arm- and leglocks and chokes, not to forget a variety of situation-specific counters and escapes.

The lessons will be taught by Arjen Heijnekamp, who also teaches jiu-jitsu on Tuesdays. You still have to wait for a short bit before we begin, though. As soon as the new sports hall is opened (which should be soon, just like last year), you can take part in the action. We start out with a beginners’ course, but beginners are still welcome throughout the whole year. Keep an eye on the training schedule, it will be updated as soon as we know more about the exact starting date!