We would like to invite you to the GMM (general members meeting) and BBQ on the 22nd of June. The GMM will start at 18:00 and will last till 19:00 in the Forum building. The exact location will follow. During the GMM we will discuss the following points on which you can give your opinion and cast your vote:
-Membership contribution, a 30 euro membership contribution for all members, so no more distinction between the sports.
-Replacing Jiu-Jitsu on tuesday with MMA.
It is really important that you show up and tell us your opinion on the subjects mentioned above and your general findings of the association.

After the GMM we will head to Duivendaal to enjoy a nice BBQ, this will cost 5 euros and you can subscribe via this facebook event or via the subscription list on the door of sports hall 1. Price excludes drinks, so please bring your own.

See you there!

MMA training resumes!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve found a suitable trainer for MMA! His name is Jelle Buisman, an experienced fighter in combat sambo (Russian form of MMA), Judo and Kick/Thai boxing. And fun fact, he trains at Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam, the same gym that has produced fighters as Badr Hari and recent world cup MMA contender Melvin Manhoef! He will surely bring experience gained from training with these guys into his MMA lessons.
We’d like to invite you to join his first training on friday the 28th of April at 19:00.
See you on friday!

No MMA training

Please note that there will be no MMA classes being given anymore, until further notice. We are currently looking for a replacement teacher, which might take a few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience!


We will be playing some pool together on the 6th of April at poolcafe Infinity in Wageningen! We will start at 8 PM and the costs will be 5 euros per person. Let us know if you’re joining via email or facebook, as we need to make sure to have enough tables available!

Join the Mixed Training!

De Grondleggers invites everyone to the Mixed Training on Monday the 20th of February, where you will be able to participate in clinics of 30 minutes of all the martial arts De Grondleggers has to offer. We will start with Jiu-Jitsu, followed by Judo, Boxing and as dessert: MMA.
The clinics will be held by our trainers: Arjen Heijnekamp (Jiu-Jitsu and MMA), Andr√© van Buiten (Judo) and Frank van Geesink (Boxing). The Mixed Training is a great way to familiarise yourself with all the great martial arts that we have to offer and to get to know your fellow ‘Grondleggers’.
The training will start at 20:15 in sports hall 1 at the Bongerd, and will last till around 22:15. All clinics will be done without wearing a GI, so bring your sports clothes!

Join our annual cheese fondue!

Again it is time for our annual cheese fondue! This time the dinner will be held at our new chair man’s places! We would ove to see as many members as possible so we can get to know each other! Of course, diet wishes will be taken care of if you let us know. Price is 5 euro pp. Pleas bring your own booze unless you want to drink water :)

We are looking forward to see you!

Report disturbance by evening lectures

Report disturbance by evening lectures
Dear students, in the coming months you and your fellow students run the risk of ending up in an evening lecture. If you might find any disturbance in this, like you cannot attend a training with us, an activity, your committee meeting has to be postponed (because someone else had an evening lecture), share it at the reporting point evening lectures. This registration will be ultimately be used in assesing pilot, so you prevent that this experiment becomes the habit.